What is, “The Busy Gamers”?

     Hello, my name is Josh and I am a Busy Gamer. What is a Busy Gamer? While the Busy Gamer is a nickname for me, it is a lifestyle for many moms, dads, career holders, or even the overloaded college kid, that struggles to squeeze in time for their passion: gaming. As the world evolves into a busier place, and the first gaming generations begin to mature, have children, etc., we often find ourselves pacing out our day for that elusive hour or two of gaming before bed.

So I had a vision – the vision starts small then hopefully evolves into something grander. It begins with a blog, which you just happen to be on – it then transcends into a community, one where Busy Gamers can connect, make groups, “Co-op” with one another, or even vent their day to other Busy Gamers who wholly understand exactly what you are venting about. The final step is an app, one that simply slots onto your cellphone, one that allows you to connect with other Busy Gamers during your busy life.

Are you a dedicated Dad with three kids that wants to set up a clan on Destiny in those precious few moments of free time after the kids go to bed? That’s what this is for. Maybe you’re a college kid who is cramming for their PhD, and want to make a guild on World of Warcraft that casually raids once or twice a week at specific times? This is also for you. Maybe you’re a mom of two, and you have a hard time finding a gamer group that fully understands your more important responsibilities? This is for you, too. The best part of all this is everyone in this community will be a Busy Gamer, and fully understand our more important life commitments. That’s what this is all about – bringing people together that struggle to find the time to commit to something that they are hungry for: gaming.

That is The Busy Gamer – and I hope you decide to join me on this journey to create The Busy Gamer Co-op, where all of us can connect together.

Josh “TBG” Musgrave