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Category: Personal

Gaming with Anxiety

     Anxiety sucks. Let’s go ahead and end this blog… No, I’m just kidding (about ending the blog post). For those of you who don’t know, anxiety is considered […]

The Balance

The pull, the strain – The weight of all the pressures in our life around us. Everyday we struggle with choices that are far beyond our control. Part of what […]

Reforging the Basics

First and foremost let me say, I am not done, I am not quitting, not even close, and I never will be done – I love doing this – this […]

The Decline of TV

Much like the music video in 1979 foretelling the fall of radio, we now stand on the precipice of the fall of Television. If you are behind on the times, […]


You can do whatever you set your mind to. You can be whatever you want to be. Even if you have a disability, within reason, there are a lot of […]

The Selfish Creator

Yesterday I did a small blog on appreciation – and within it I touched on a lot of smaller points with selfishness. Part of the death of appreciation is the […]

The Lost Art of Appreciation

Appreciation. It is the very foundation of every choice you make in your life – down to very simplest of things. Where you are today would not be possible without […]

Homework for Adults

What happened to school? No really, what happened? Today I wanted to vent some frustration, and talk about something important to my lifestyle / kids. So let’s pull you out […]

The Creator’s Plight

Over the last two weeks I have been heavily networking, reaching out to other creators like me, making friends, supporting smaller startups, and all around just having a good time. […]

Goals and Gates

Every person in this world at some point in their life has thought deeply about what they want out of it, their ambitions, and their ultimate goals. Some set realistic […]

Breeding Positivity

Something I often forget, is our ability to cause impressions on others. The relationships we have between everyone we interact with, whether they are brief, casual, deep, romantic, or even […]


But.. unintroverted isn’t even a word. Yeah, you’re right. But I think even though it’s not, it represents in every way where I’ve come, my journey, and is the perfect […]


Part three of four – title purposely focuses entirely on the past tense. If you have ever in your life done a presentation in front of your class, or stood […]


In part two of my four blog series of my battle with introversion, I want to talk about leading into my adulthood. At a glance, introversion is a personality type, […]


I left this title simple and clean, because it represents what I used to be so much. Let me save you the google search. Introvert – a shy reticent person. […]