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eSports – Rise of an Era (Part 1)

Back in the day, when it came to entertainment, we turned to a few things, such as theater, music, and social engagements. Though one thing that has stood the test […]

Gaming with Anxiety

     Anxiety sucks. Let’s go ahead and end this blog… No, I’m just kidding (about ending the blog post). For those of you who don’t know, anxiety is considered […]

The Balance

The pull, the strain – The weight of all the pressures in our life around us. Everyday we struggle with choices that are far beyond our control. Part of what […]

Difficulty in Gaming

     Back in February 5th, 2009, a relatively unknown game by the name of “Demon’s Souls” was released for the Playstation 3. At the time, I was 22, and […]

The Rise of TwitchTV

For those of you that may not know, TwitchTV is a streaming platform, used by nearly 2.2 million active users as of May 2018. It is a place where content […]

The Curse of the Internet

I recently watched a YouTube video about the direction of World of Warcraft, and how the original design philosophy has changed so much over the course of the years (14 […]


Currently one of the largest games of all time is Fortnite (next to Minecraft). I was at the ground floor of its’ launch, well before it became the sensation it […]

The Cost and Times

Budgets. A nasty but needed word in the gaming industry. Almost every game, with few exceptions, are constrained by a budget. Oftentimes a video game is cut short, or lacks […]

Fatherly Gaming

One of the very foundations this blog and community is being built upon, is the commitment and nature of my current situation as a father of three children. In today’s […]

The Power of a Raid

As some of you know, and many of you don’t – I am a manager for a very well known grocery chain. I grew into this profession as an eighteen […]

The Two-Player Experience

I recently had one of my childhood friends that I used to spend immense amounts of time with reach out and comment on one of the community posts on the […]

Narrative in Gaming *SPOILERS*

WARNING: Spoilers inside for the Harry Potter Series, you have been WARNED! I have talked before about RPG’s in general, but today I wanted to focus on narrative. Oftentimes some […]

Music in Gaming

Today will seem like a shameless plug for the YouTube channel I’ve brought to life with some of my older videos, and it half is, half isn’t. But let me […]

What is Gaming to me?

So many of you joining me in this adventure may, or may not be as emotionally connected to gaming like I am – and that’s okay. I think gaming is […]

That First RPG Experience

Remember when demo disks were a thing? Remember that excitement when the magazine subscription you – or your dad paid for in my case – came with that sweet demo […]

The Birth of a Gamer

Before I really get into current events, or talking about my life as it is – I wanted to dedicate the first few posts to getting to know me. I […]