The Selfish Creator

Yesterday I did a small blog on appreciation – and within it I touched on a lot of smaller points with selfishness. Part of the death of appreciation is the […]

The Lost Art of Appreciation

Appreciation. It is the very foundation of every choice you make in your life – down to very simplest of things. Where you are today would not be possible without […]

Homework for Adults

What happened to school? No really, what happened? Today I wanted to vent some frustration, and talk about something important to my lifestyle / kids. So let’s pull you out […]

The Curse of the Internet

I recently watched a YouTube video about the direction of World of Warcraft, and how the original design philosophy has changed so much over the course of the years (14 […]

The Creator’s Plight

Over the last two weeks I have been heavily networking, reaching out to other creators like me, making friends, supporting smaller startups, and all around just having a good time. […]