Snow Scare – TBV #4

Man, I’m so far behind. I woke up this morning, and started getting ready for work – it’s been a crazy weekend, hell, a crazy week! – and all I […]

The Strong One – TBV #3

Often as a father my kids see me as the strong one, impervious to all the things that frighten small children. My kids will often ask me, “Dad are you […]

The Nod – TBV #2

The kids were gone for the weekend, and finally returned yesterday after school. Normally they come home Sunday night, but they were taken to school that morning, so today was […]

TBG Reviews “Solbot Energy Rush”

Solbot Energy Rush is a free-to-play game on the Google Play Store, created by developer Freakout Games. Sporting an impressive 100+ downloads for an indie title, and 26 reviews averaging […]

Frustration – TBV #1

Welcome to the first Busy Vignette, a new style of blog post I want to do going forward. It’s just a quick peak into my mind, and day. These wont […]