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Snow Scare – TBV #4

Man, I’m so far behind. I woke up this morning, and started getting ready for work – it’s been a crazy weekend, hell, a crazy week! – and all I could think about is just how far behind I’ve fallen on my social media, and my blog. You see, in the South we have these things that other people in the country probably wouldn’t understand, especially, as me being from up North! They’re called, “Snow Scares.”

A lot of you are probably like, “What the flip?” but I’m dead serious. In the South, if they call for snow, the entire area goes into straight ‘Armageddon’ mode, and literally rakes shelves of bread, milk, and water – as if the apocalypse is about to wash over.

For those of you who don’t follow my blog quite as frequently, I am in retail upper-management – so when an apocalyptic event rears its’ wonderfully ugly head around the corner, someone has to grab the battle standard for the store, and stand at the forefront of the madness. That person is me, and let me tell you, I take the mighty punch to the gut from these events.

For the last several days I have spent countless hours running a register, ordering, maintaining, and managing absolute madness. I have had no time for any of my side projects, let alone my main blog – it is so jarring today to open up my Twitter notifications and see over 200+ things to review. So today I am finally getting back into the swing of things.

Currently I am leveling a Mage in World of Warcraft, to help my raid guild, as we have no dedicated Mage. It’s been pretty fun, but I’ve had almost no time to do it. I finally squeezed it to max level with some free time on Sunday. I generally play a Warlock, so the change isn’t too jarring, just different mechanics to master.

My amazing partner in crime got me Super Smash Brothers Ultimate over the weekend, and I’ve begun to take on the single player campaign, ‘World of Light’ to figure the game out, and unlock more characters. I can’t wait to dig into the versus aspect, but I want to unlock all the characters first.

I have started a new character with Path of Exile’s new expansion, ‘Betrayal’ – the game is amazing, if not one of the most complicated games I’ve ever played. If you are a Diablo fan, and are pissed off at the recent announcement that the next Diablo will be mobile only, this game embodies everything that made Diablo 2 great, and amplifies that formula to astronomical new heights. Check it out!

Last but not least is my upcoming project called ‘#wordsmith Wednesdays’ – I know I said this info would go live last Thursday, but then the snow scare hit, and it fell to the back burner – this is still about to happen but I need a bit more time to cook a few details, then I’ll have it fully available for everyone to participate. I literally cannot wait to get this thing into the wild, and hope to create the next best blogging community addition!

That’s all for now! Until next time,

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