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TBG Reviews “Solbot Energy Rush”

Solbot Energy Rush is a free-to-play game on the Google Play Store, created by developer Freakout Games. Sporting an impressive 100+ downloads for an indie title, and 26 reviews averaging at 4.6 out of 5.

The trailer for Solbot: Energy Rush by Freakout Games.

First and foremost, Freakout Games advertises themselves as, “Fun games simplified” and with this game, that’s what you get. A simple vertical auto-scroller, filled with power-ups and challenges. The game tests your reaction times, as you try to avoid orbs as a “Bot” flying through space. Yellow-highlighted orbs are safe to grab for points, while the others take your life. 

The concept is very simple, the controls are very tight, the art of the gameplay feels decent. So let’s take a quick overview:

The Good

  • The simplicity of the game keeps the game feeling quick, accessible, and good in short bursts. 
  • The controls feel tight, responsive. Pressing to move your bot feels almost instant, with zero lag.
  • The sound effects feel appropriate, each orb grabbed feels satisfying, giving you subtle low-key alerts each time you get one. Moving your bot by tapping each side of the screen feels great, and you get responsive audio feedback when you do it. 
  • It is a legitimate free-to-play game, with no pay-to-win aspects involved.
  • Banner ad tastefully put on the main menu, towards the bottom, but it is close to my touch input.
  • I love how you can earn keys (continues) by reading energy tips! Great learning strategy.
  • The power-ups definitely add another layer of enjoyment.

The Bad

  • Some of the art looks warped on my cellphone. The loading screen in particular looks a bit… off. 
  • The interface for the main menu is lacking information, you have to know what you’re pressing in advance. (I understand a lot of them are universal symbols, but children wont know them.)
  • The music on the main menu is repetitive, needs more Sci-fi focused theme instead of a looping sound clip.
  • The music during the actual gameplay doesn’t match the aesthetic of the game itself in my opinion. 
  • I’m not a fan of the dialogue between the bots, it feels a little cheap, they could do more with this.

The Ugly

  • There’s a video ad / full screen ad after every interaction with a menu choice. This is a gigantic no-no. This absolutely needs to be toned down if you’re trying to capture an audience. People with kids know, this is the kind of stuff that leads to 50 apps on your phone/tablet – it’s annoying.
  • The controls are almost too responsive, my “bot” will overreact sometimes to my input, and it leads me feeling unhappy when I overshoot, even though I felt I didn’t.

My Conclusion

Solbot is a fun game to play. I enjoyed it for a little bit, in short bursts. The ad plays in between the menu clicks was a huge turnoff for me though. There’s also full-screen ad breaks in between gameplay elements, that’s fairly jarring. I wish there was a “Solbot Movement Sensitivity Slider” because I want my bot to move a little bit slower when I press the screen. 

I would recommend this game for children as well, but the full-screen ads make it so the kids fill your tablets/phones up with all the apps on display. 

But every game has its’ downsides, and as a time killer it’s still fun to play, and I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay loop for what it was.

Be sure to check out Solbot Energy Rush at the Google Play Store!

Until next time,

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