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Reforging the Basics

reforgingthebasicsFirst and foremost let me say, I am not done, I am not quitting, not even close, and I never will be done – I love doing this – this is my passion, and will continue to be so for years to come.

As a busy father, manager, trainer, gamer, and all around human being – time has been tight. More and more, I’m finding myself excruciatingly squeezing in meager amounts of time to pour my heart out onto the blog. Quality is suffering, I have topics lined up in a document I keep track of, for all the ideas I want to put to paper, but I find more and more, I lack the amount of time I need to execute each idea into the full breadth of what I envision, sure I can multi-blog a topic, but that’s not all I envision for my dream, so let me explain.

Right now the blogging process for me is simple, I pick a topic, I sit down, I type the topic into the “subject” field, then I begin to free-flow into the document. I generally can find one or two hours to execute this in my day, in between all my duties as a father, and career holder. But I want to do so much more than just write a blog post, I want to bring it to life. I want to provide pictures, diagrams, I want YouTube videos to interact with, but I currently cannot execute on this with what I am doing.

Then add in all the networking, content creation in other spectrums, the gaming I do to create the content, and other life commitments, I am finding it more difficult as the days go by, to produce a very solid piece of content. I am producing a blog post I am happy with, but more often than not it is very truncated to what I originally wanted from it.

For example, on my TwitchTV piece, I really wanted to provide a graph, or statistics visually to engage you into the article, rather than it just being a straight read – and this is ultimately what I want my blog to become. But in order to create this media, and do better research, creating a more thorough, engaging article, I need more time in the oven.

While networking today, I was browsing around blogs, and someone actually asked, “How often should I blog?” – and well I was the first to answer. It got me thinking, this person said they have only produced two posts in two weeks – and here I am, crushing out an article a day, which originally was the plan – but now I realized just how basic my blog looks, how it just feels like a novella after novella, without much substance.

My most engaging post, my Introvert post, garnered hundreds of views, and partially I know deep down, it’s because it was a complete piece of work, that I want to bring to life for everything I write about – but just do not possibly have the time to do it.

Blogging is awesome, I really do love it, want to continue to get better, and produce amazing content. To do that I’m going to change up my schedule a bit, rearrange how I do business, and start working on a more lax “Publish Schedule”. So far I have not decided between three or four days, but for now I want to say three.  

With more time, I can generate better, less rushed data, create concise images to coincide with the article, and edit my posts with less rushed feeling – touching bases on finer points as I read over an article. While I know I don’t have a ton of subscribers, or a huge fan-base yet, I figured I would do this early before that may someday happen.

So with that being said, today, I am “Reforging the Basics”, and re-grounding my pillars towards making better content. As I get more talented I imagine this will get easier, the imaging tools I use will become second nature, the writing flow will get easier, and the thoughts to paper aspect will come fluidly. I am so glad you, yes whoever -you- are, are reading this, and thoroughly enjoying entering into my world.

I am fully dedicated to this craft, and will continue to iterate to get better. I wholeheartedly think after a few conversations this is the right move towards creating a better blog. Hope you continue to join me on this amazing journey.

Until next time,



  1. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m also still working to find a blogging schedule that works for me in the midst of my busy life. I used to play all sorts of video games (especially RPGs and MMORPGs) but life has gotten so busy with work and family, so I can definitely empathize. I look forward to following your blog! I don’t have as much time to game anymore, but I can always sneak a few minutes to read 🙂

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