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You can do whatever you set your mind to. You can be whatever you want to be. Even if you have a disability, within reason, there are a lot of things in this life you can do, to get close to that thing you love. Believe in yourself, and others.

Confidence is tricky, a lot of people these days are so unsure of themselves, or things they do, they often do not take leaps into the things they love and enjoy. As a blogger, I had to have the confidence to know, that no matter what I do, I know that I am good at what I’m doing, and will continue to post content, regardless of viewership, or support.

Part of my personal history – I had no confidence. A few years ago, I did not believe in myself in anything I did, and constantly looked for acceptance or affirmation. One man changed that entire mindset for the rest of my life, and now anything I do, even if I don’t feel confident in the results, I am confident I did my best.

You can be overconfident, and I am guilty of that as well. You can be so confident, you become selfish, or shun acceptance (read previous blog posts) – you must be confidently humble – you must realize you are not the most important person in the room.

I see far too many people in this world that aren’t doing something they love, in an ecosystem that they would thrive in (the internet), because they lack the confidence to chase their dreams. I am here to tell you to shed your limitations. There is nothing in this life off limits that you cannot do. If you want to blog about having a dog, do it – people will listen, at some point. You will make connections you have never dreamed of, you just have to apply yourself, and realize it may take a while.

YouTube, Blogging, Instagram, Snapchat, SOCIAL MEDIA in general is an untapped resource that many of you are not investing in to find happiness – and this is most in part to lack of confidence, or interest.

Streamers – yes all of you – be proud of yourselves, you are doing something so many people wish they could do, or aspire to on the sidelines.

“Haters” exist – it’s not just a stupid word kids are using. Demoralization is human nature. People will always attack you if you are successful, and that is okay. Be confident in yourself, take that hate, and manifest it into your strength. Turn it into content, address people who attack you publicly, and in a confident, well-mannered retort, such as explaining a business model, or wishing them a nice day.

“Hating” on successful individuals is a materialization of self-hate. So many successful celebrities, streamers, and other high profile individuals are constantly bombarded by human beings that are ‘selfish’ – they cannot achieve what these people have already conquered – in turn – they hate, and look for ways to pick apart what they’ve become.

Anybody rich, famous, or popular is at that point for a reason, maybe they went viral and that’s okay – they worked for what they have become, and deserve your support just like everyone else.

To be confident is to also be self-aware. You need to be able to analyze what you do, and have done – you must be able to control your feelings, and not let people like this get to you. If you can conquer these mindsets, and also hold a pillar of confidence you are on the path to success.

If you’re afraid to take that step forward, or jump into that pool of ‘water’ – know – that everyone that is doing what you want to do was there at some point, and they took that leap, why aren’t you? Find something you’re passionate about, and run with it.  Don’t let what others think hold you back, it won’t matter, trust me, it never will. The only thing that will matter from others, is when you engage with them, and create a community – that is the full reward of doing something like this.

Haters gonna hate, creators need to just create! So much untapped potential out there. Be proud, be confident, be passionate, and appreciate those that surround you.

Positivity is the key.

Until next time,

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