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The Selfish Creator

Yesterday I did a small blog on appreciation – and within it I touched on a lot of smaller points with selfishness. Part of the death of appreciation is the rise of selfishness. Everyone is out to get “theirs” and going over other people, is often not too far out of the question. The human nature to look out for oneself and not others is on the rise, and as content creation grows, so too does this ever prevalent circumstance.

Previously I made the example of the bot problem on Twitter, and even more so – Instagram. You see in the content creation space, there is a lot of us, all out here doing different things in different expertises – some are obviously executing better than others,  some are starting out, some aren’t putting out any good content, and then there’s the person using bots to handle all of their networking.

Recently I followed one Instagram account, and two Twitter accounts, that responded to my follow with a direct message that was very clearly automated, and tailored towards funneling all of their content they have into one set post – and then begging for me to take a look at it. Stop this. Part of building a brand/stream/blog – any content – is building a social network among your peers. If you are someone out there who makes content as a serious side project, or maybe even as your main job, and you are utilizing bots to do this kind of work, not only are you making a horrible name for yourself / your brand, but also it makes other content creators look bad.

As content creators we should be connecting with our fan bases, having conversations, making friends, and building each other up – instead we have narcissistic creators, who make content, then send out messages automatically to people to consume more of their content, without returning any of the viewership, loyalty, or support.

Our need and desire to grow ourselves, and our business, should not overcome our need and desire to bring up others around us.

Streaming is very important to the creation industry, and I personally take about 30-45 minutes out of my day to browse my Twitter feed and look for creators that need help with a few more followers to get to affiliate, and share their tweets out to my followers. I’ll check their stream out for a little bit, and if I like it, I’ll drop a follow – but maybe it’s not my jam – I’ll still give it a follow for some support, and move on with my day.

I am not a streamer, but if you, yourself, are a streamer – have you paused for 30 minutes today and thought, “Yanno there are other people out there like me trying to do what I’m doing, so maybe I should go support them for a little bit.” – and that my friends is where we need to be.

Selfishness is being concerned with one’s own profit and pleasure – and I see far too many people out there digging for that gold, when if they just stopped for a moment, and appreciate others around them, the gold digging wouldn’t be so hard with some help.

The age of appreciation needs to rise. The fall of selfishness needs to become a realization. We need to continue to support one another, grow, learn, rise, fall, mature, and succeed together in unity.

End selfishness.

Until next time,



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