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The Lost Art of Appreciation


Appreciation. It is the very foundation of every choice you make in your life – down to very simplest of things. Where you are today would not be possible without some level of appreciation. What do I mean? You are sitting at your phone, or computer, because someone (or even yourself), somewhere appreciated you.

While certainly to some of you that makes no sense, or possibly you can say, “TBG my parents hated me, they kicked me out, I’m worthless.” etc, etc. That’s perfectly fine.

You did not try to succeed in school, or some other avenue in life (if you didn’t do well in school) because it was for fun. You were seeking appreciation, or acceptance from someone else, or hell, even yourself.

Half of the breakdown of appreciation is selfishness, and tomorrow I think I will touch on selfishness in its’ own blog – but appreciation is a lost train of mind. Far too often I see acts of kindness go without merit. I will see people go out of their way to help others at their own expense, only to be met with being ignored, or passed over.

As the human race has evolved these last years, we have lost our sense of appreciation for those that do selfless things. We often see things people do for others as “second nature” and don’t really see the forest for the trees. We have become complacent with ourselves, and often don’t truly appreciate those around us.

I will admit, fully, that I am this way sometimes, and oftentimes it is because I am passively not thinking about it. My girlfriend is a pivotal pillar in my life, and a lot of my “Busy Gamer” life is not possible without her. She helps take the kids to school (a lot these days), helps pick them up, helps me with their studies, helps me with their food, all among other things – and while I do try to shoulder as much of this burden as possible, I get stuck in the weeds, and forget to take the time to show her just how much she means to me, and how much our family needs her in our lives.

This is where I am getting at – the human conditioning over time has become such a way, that we often forget the people around us holding us up, or trying to lift us up.

That brings me to this – In the content creation space, I see far too many people out to get “theirs” and not help others – and this isn’t a complaint, I genuinely wanted to blog about this. You see, I am seeing so much automation these days it really detracts from the experience a content creator should be having with someone who should care enough to partake in their content.

It’s not rare for me to follow someone, like their YouTube, or Twitter, and I will get an automated – bot sent response telling me to like more of their stuff, or watch a clip of their other content. They not only never even bother interacting with you, they completely supersede any level of appreciation, and continue to hound you for more content consumption. Sure they say “Thank you for following me.” But where is the “Hey man, thanks for following me, what are you into that I can take a look at? Hey here’s more of my stuff, check it out.”

I love content creation, and content creators. I’m finding myself reading blogs about make-up, and watching Twitch Streams about The Sims for 10-15 minutes, and that’s not even something I’m interested in. Part of giving love and support, is returning it, “Appreciating” it.

We need to get back to supporting one another, appreciating each other, and all around creating a better, harmonious community.

Let’s bring back appreciation, it’s dying.

Until next time,


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