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Homework for Adults

What happened to school?

No really, what happened?

Today I wanted to vent some frustration, and talk about something important to my lifestyle / kids. So let’s pull you out of a lot of my “history” blog posts and bring you up to the present again, and talk about my 9 year old son’s homework, and well, homework in general for kids.

So as I’ve mentioned before, I have a very full plate. On an average day I get up at 4:30am, take the kids to daycare at 6:00am, they go to school, I get off work at 4:00pm, I’m lucky to get the kids by 5:00pm, and we’re home to start nightly duties by 6:00pm. Night duties are, homework, baths, dinner, and any small thing in between, for 3 kids, all in Elementary School.

Yesterday (Monday) was particularly horrible. I didn’t get the kids home until 6:15pm. This happens sometimes, but at times, the kids’ school work isn’t so bad, and I’m still able to pull things off.

But man was this not the day for that.

My son alone, who got home at 6:15pm, had the following: An entire math worksheet, a math test to study for Wednesday, a Native American test to study for Thursday, and Vocabulary Words to study for Friday. On what planet is it okay to jam three tests into one week? I’m a big stickler about studying with my kids, but first we had to work on the math worksheet. This took almost an hour, and I kid you not, the very first box of two questions had a common core math problem, that I was stumped at trying to figure out for 10 minutes, and my son couldn’t explain to me what it was because, well it was his worksheet to learn it!

Luckily we brought Chic-Fil-A home and I didn’t have to cook, heaven forbid if I did..

My kids go to bed at 7:30am, because they have to wake up at 5:00am to get dropped off at daycare, so from 6:15pm to 7:15pm I did one math worksheet. That’s it. I couldn’t study with my child. I already felt horrible, he got no time to himself to play his favorite pastime – FortNite – and now he didn’t get a headstart on preparing for any of his tests, so we have to cram for them tomorrow.

This left no time for the other two, luckily my girlfriend was home at that point to do the reading assignment with my youngest daughter, but imagine if she hadn’t been?

I cannot be the only one in this lifetime that’s working a normal job, and getting the kids home by 5:00pm – Do schools not think about these things when they plan stuff out? I understand they plan things out on a child by child basis, for a week – but a lot of multiple-child families I’m sure, are struggling like me to figure things out, and make it happen in a very short time period.

I don’t even want to get started on school plays/performances.

I’ll admit I got very frustrated yesterday. I had to go to another room and fold laundry in anger. It makes me feel like a bad father to not be able to study, or give free time to my child, and I really wish the school would not overload a bunch of work on them in one week.

This really is what it means to be “The Busy Gamer” and the struggle I have just to find time for my kids to do the basic things they need to finish for school. I was so exhausted yesterday I went to bed right after they did.

Venting off.

Until next time,


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