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Goals and Gates

Every person in this world at some point in their life has thought deeply about what they want out of it, their ambitions, and their ultimate goals. Some set realistic bars, achievable in the near future, some set fluid bars, that are constantly moving and evolving, ever elusive from their owners. In our world today, the internet has opened unfathomable doorways into countless resources, allowing nearly everyone in this world with access to internet the ability to research anything.

Today I wanted to pause and do a self-reflection piece on what you’re doing today versus what you really want to be doing.

You wake up every morning, with tasks at hand – straight at the forefront of your mind – at least most people with jobs or kids do this. Some love their jobs, some don’t – others are just doing what they can to get by – but what is your passion? What do you love to do? Gaming? Fashion? Write? Fishing? Football? Stop what you’re doing today and think about what you really love to do.

Did you know in today’s day and age, something you love to do could be the thing that you do to provide for yourself or your family? The internet is your oyster. Far too many people in this lifetime are grinding out jobs they hate, or tasks they loathe – to provide means for their families. But that is not the point of this post, and if you are interested in the thoughts I provided above I suggest you google Gary Vaynerchuk and start there – you will learn what I am talking about.

The point of this post is to talk about the gates that block you from your goals and what you want to achieve in your life. Far too often we as humans provide artificial barriers to the paths of what we want to accomplish in our lives. I am here to tell you that’s all bullshit. There is nothing in this life that prevent you from becoming what you want to do, unless it is a physical disability that specifically targets the demographic you are aiming for (can’t use your legs and you wanted to be a track star for example).

90% of you will say money. I am going to tell you I just watched a YouTube video where a man went to garage sales for a whole day, bought cheap items such as toys, mugs, and hot wheels, turned around, and sold them on EBay for $2,000 profit. Hustle is the primary term used these days, that everyone should examine closely. If you start with nothing, there is something out there – not begging – that could start to generate you extra income, but you are creating a gate that prevents you from achieving it.  

Did you know on Craigslist there is a section literally labeled “Free”? People want to give their stuff away warranted you are willing to move it yourself. This could literally be the gateway to your future, but most people rather sit at home and complain they do not have the ability to do something due to funds.


Smash. Your. Gates.


That one thing you want to do in your life, whatever is on your mind that you think prevents you from doing it – you need to recognize it’s bullshit. The internet provides so many ways to accomplish things, whether you’re a single mom with five kids, or a college student jammed up with papers and homework. Gates are artificial. All goals are attainable provided you are willing to put in the work and hustle. Stop the excuses and go for it.

If whatever you want to do, is able to be criticized by another person, and that is why you don’t want to do it – stop caring. You cannot achieve your goals and please everybody. Everyone is a critic, and it is human nature to bog down other successful people. You must rise above it and ignore it – so long as you are happy with what you are doing, other people’s opinions do not matter at all.

Part of being able to write a blog about myself, and all the personal things that have happened in my life, is shattering gates. If you can, take five minutes of your day today to pause and reflect on what you really want to accomplish in life, what you really, REALLY, want or wanted to do with it – then examine the “gates” you’ve created in front of the road to why you can’t do that thing. Ask yourself why this gate exists, and you’ll realize this is just an excuse you’ve created. Hustle. You have to put the work in, to get the goals you want. It will take a lot of sweat, but push yourself. There is nothing in this lifetime that can stop you from becoming what you truly want but yourself and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you will be a happier human being.

Until next time,

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