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Breeding Positivity

Something I often forget, is our ability to cause impressions on others. The relationships we have between everyone we interact with, whether they are brief, casual, deep, romantic, or even distant, are all important to how you are perceived as a human being. One of the very reasons I even began blogging is because I want to reach a large audience, and have a positive impact on countless lives now, and further on in the future when people go back to read what I have originally written.

Positivity is the most important word as a human you could ever have in your repertoire. Why? Because positivity breeds more positivity. As you are more positive in your life, the others that surround you feed off that positive energy, and it flows through them in everything they do.

I want to better myself, my blog is that medium through which I am attempting that. Through this blog I have reconnected with my Mother, and my siblings – I have opened the door into my world, and they have learned things I have never said to anyone before. These are my first steps.

Let me be honest, I have not always been, and still am not the most positive person I can be. I continue to identify weaknesses in my personality, but I am sticking to my guns, and continuing to push through the walls I originally built to protect myself. It all starts with identifying – before you can better yourself, you have to be able to admit there’s a problem. I used to complain, I used to expect negative outcomes to most situations, and I would often press these notions upon the people around me. But I am changing, and have vowed to continue down this path I’ve chosen.

Take the time in your day to slow down, and appreciate someone – it is the most glorious feeling in the world – to feel appreciated. As a father of three, there are countless times I feel like I’m doing a thankless job, but just today I had an associate compliment me, and tell me I’m the best boss she’s ever had. This really does mean the world to me. I just happen to be sick today, but this simple kindness got me to think about changing what I wanted to blog about today, and I wanted to share this small excerpt of my present day,

If you are a busy person, a manager, a father, a mother, a gamer, a human being – re-evaluate your decision to say, “I’m busy” or “Maybe later.” Make that time for just one person every day, and through chain reactions you will influence thousands. Positivity starts with you. Be that positive influence.

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