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The Birth of a Gamer

Before I really get into current events, or talking about my life as it is – I wanted to dedicate the first few posts to getting to know me. I didn’t really know a time or place to start, so after some thought I really figured, let’s hit a small road-map through the past, touching on various key points, that brought me here today.

I don’t know about most of you, and maybe you can comment on this, or give me a little insight into your lives about this – but I don’t really remember a whole lot of my childhood. There’s bits and pieces scattered about that I have, but it’s mostly a jumbled up blender of random memories.

That being said one particular moment really sticks out to me – other than crying my eyes out to my very first viewing of Lion King on VHS – we had a big old dinosaur of a computer. I don’t really remember the brand, possibly back in this day and age it might have been a Hewlett Packard, but I particularly remember the giant CRT monitor (For those that don’t know, these were those monitors that looked boxy and gigantic). Anyway these were the days of MS-DOS, which was a command prop where games generally were launched from those archaic floppy disks that hardly anyone remembers anymore.

That game was 3-D Dinosaurs Adventure. I remember being absolutely dazzled by this game, the 3-D space you could explore, learning about dinosaurs, and all the mini-games. I was hooked. This is where the seed was planted, and from this point on a gamer was born.

Looking back, that game was an educational experience, it really hooked me into dinosaurs, and really molded me even to this day into my almost fanatical interest in the Scientific. It’s amazing how something so minor can have such a snowball effect on your life.

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